Recent prompts

  • Only for the Timid

    Your character is timid by nature, and they have some challenge to overcome. Can they do it? If not, why not? If so, how do they manage it?

    Posted 2 years ago 0 stories
  • Isolation

    The theme with this one is isolation. Interpret it however you please. Maybe they've long since gone insane from being alone, or maybe this could be the start of them being alone.

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • Dear Diary

    Make a character's diary entry. It should include a date, or a beginning like "Dear Diary" that makes it clear that it's written in a diary, but otherwise, write whatever you want.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • Raining

    Start your story with "It's been raining for two days straight". Where you take the story after that is up to you.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • Morality

    The subject of your story should involve a character doing something against their usual moral alignment, whether they're a normally good individual who's fallen to the dark side or something else.

    Posted 2 years ago 4 stories
  • Waking Up

    Everyone always says to never beginning a story with the main character waking up, but that's exactly what this prompt is going to ask you to do. Start the story with the protagonist waking up. What they wake up to, however, is all up to the writer.

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • Darkest Hour

    Make a very dark, bleak moment in your story. One that seems like it may consume and destroy everything. Whether it's fully stopped, or you just shine a ray of light by the end, make sure to sprinkle on some hope.

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • The Day I Died

    Write a story about a character talking about when they died. They can be a ghost, or be in heaven, or anything else, so long as they died.

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • A Promise

    Whatever your story, it must include a promise. One that was kept, or one that was broken. Remembered forever or long forgotten. Any sort of promise will do.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • A period of time...

    You must start your story with "It had been fourteen days." but it can be whatever genre and subject matter you desire.

    Posted 2 years ago 4 stories
  • Maho Shojo

    Given powers, responsibilities, and enemies that they don't fully understand, Magical Girls are often in over their heads. Whether trying to balance a normal life and their powered one, or saving people in general, their lives are messy. Tell me your stor…

    Posted 3 years ago 0 stories
  • It's Nothing Personal

    Write a story with this as the theme or a statement in the story itself.

    Whatever happens, it's not personal, is it?

    Posted 3 years ago 3 stories
  • Are you mad because I got it from him/her?

    Write a story where this is the theme, stated of unstated (your choice). All genres and characters welcome.

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • The man in the hourglass

    A few years ago I wrote a short story about a man trapped inside an hourglass. Sadly, I can't find it anymore. But perhaps you could write a new one!

    Write a story about someone (not necessarily a man or a human being) trapped inside an hourglass.

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • Collective names for animals, real and otherwise

    I am positively inclined toward collective animal names. Use one (real or that you made up) in a story. Here is a short list. More are out there if these aren't to taste.

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • "It wasn't a gate."

    A commenter on a writing blog woke up in the middle of the night and opened a doc to record their thoughts. In the morning they looked back at their remembered genius. It contained four words: It wasn't a gate. They can't remember what it means.

    Tell us.

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • "Dream" Job

    Write a story where a character gets paid to sleep.

    Posted 3 years ago 3 stories
  • Chicken Little was Right!

    The sky was falling. Interpret and use that as you'd like.

    Posted 3 years ago 1 story
  • A Sci-Fi Story Starter...

    Your story must begin with the following...

    "Klaxons. Klaxons everywhere. Truly this was it."

    Feel free to wrap in any other genres you like.

    Posted 4 years ago 3 stories
  • A Catalyst for Self Change

    Write about a crystallizing moment in which a character makes an insight, or discovers something, that affects how they perceive the world or their own personality, likely to change their behavior & perceptions. It could be for the better or the worse.

    Posted 4 years ago 0 stories
  • Screaming and Threats

    "It was mostly screaming and threats after that..."

    Posted 4 years ago 0 stories
  • Dragonships Return

    From Twitter, Jennifer Shelby writes, "They arrived in ships like dragons, breathing fire, and that is how we knew they'd been here before."

    Who are they?

    Posted 4 years ago 3 stories
  • 2nd Person

    Write something in the second person point of view.

    Posted 4 years ago 1 story
  • Ewww, gross!

    Write a scene where someone finds something unpleasant in their food or drink. Obviously, stomach turning items are a natural fit, but I think a mysterious or inexplicable item could be fun too.

    Posted 5 years ago 0 stories
  • The Glasses Tell

    Write a scene set somewhere in this (rather generic) story. Someone seeks out your protagonist who wears glasses and is wise in judgment. Then the protagonist loses their glasses or they get broken. After that the judgment of the protagonist is flawed.

    Posted 5 years ago 1 story