Popular prompts

  • Stray bullet

    A stray bullet or ricochet from a shootout with police and a criminal hits a child. How does/did this affect them?

    Posted 7 years ago 1 story
  • What if . . . the next drink you ordered never ran out?

    No matter how much your character drank, it would always be full. You could dump it out but it would keep flowing. Moisture would condensate around the bottom. What's that like?

    Posted 5 years ago 1 story
  • Different Aspects of A Single Word

    Many words in English, as well as other languages, have may meanings based on context or other considerations. Pick a word that has diverse meanings or aspects, using it as your title, and incorporate at least two of these aspects into your story / poem.

    Posted 7 years ago 1 story
  • Triple-dog Dare

    I triple-dog dare you to write anything! If you need an actual prompt feature a dare in your story, either the moment of daring, or the actions that follow because of an accepted/rejected/(un)successful dare. No restrictions apply. Void where prohibited--…

    Posted 5 years ago 2 stories
  • Strange Futures

    Make one or more bold claims about the future (as short as 1 year) which will act as the title (e.x. Peace in the Middle East or Water Becomes More Precious Than Gold) and write in your setting. Inspiration: R. Chambers 'The Repairer of Reputations'

    Posted 5 years ago 1 story