Popular prompts

  • Morality

    The subject of your story should involve a character doing something against their usual moral alignment, whether they're a normally good individual who's fallen to the dark side or something else.

    Posted 3 years ago 4 stories
  • Musical Inspiration...

    Pick a song. Can be one you like or just be a song at random.

    Either while listening or after listening write whatever scene plays out in your head while that music is playing in the background.

    Include the name of the song in the story title if you can…

    Posted 6 years ago 6 stories
  • Three things to use...

    Your story must contain...

    A sprite/pixies/elf/dwarf/insert fantasy being here.

    A tent or tent like object.

    And it must contain some sort of treasured object. This can be a piece of actual treasure like a gem or gold or it can be a personal object.

    Posted 6 years ago 1 story
  • Chicken Little was Right!

    The sky was falling. Interpret and use that as you'd like.

    Posted 4 years ago 1 story
  • The Glasses Tell

    Write a scene set somewhere in this (rather generic) story. Someone seeks out your protagonist who wears glasses and is wise in judgment. Then the protagonist loses their glasses or they get broken. After that the judgment of the protagonist is flawed.

    Posted 5 years ago 1 story
  • Waking Up

    Everyone always says to never beginning a story with the main character waking up, but that's exactly what this prompt is going to ask you to do. Start the story with the protagonist waking up. What they wake up to, however, is all up to the writer.

    Posted 3 years ago 3 stories
  • Clothing

    Write a story about an article of clothing. Doesn't matter if the clothing is anthropomorphic or just normal, everyday boring and lifeless fabric, just as long as the article of clothing is the focal point.

    Posted 6 years ago 2 stories
  • A Catalyst for Self Change

    Write about a crystallizing moment in which a character makes an insight, or discovers something, that affects how they perceive the world or their own personality, likely to change their behavior & perceptions. It could be for the better or the worse.

    Posted 5 years ago 0 stories
  • The Day I Died

    Write a story about a character talking about when they died. They can be a ghost, or be in heaven, or anything else, so long as they died.

    Posted 3 years ago 1 story
  • Ewww, gross!

    Write a scene where someone finds something unpleasant in their food or drink. Obviously, stomach turning items are a natural fit, but I think a mysterious or inexplicable item could be fun too.

    Posted 5 years ago 0 stories
  • When pastry communicates with the dead

    A story about a fun-loving pastry cook who spent one sweaty awkward night with a light-hearted necromancer in a bizarre city

    from the creator of Write or Die:


    Posted 7 years ago 2 stories
  • DIY Three-Word Prompt

    In the nearest book to hand, find:

    The seventh word on page 12

    The tenth word on page 37

    The 30th word on page 64

    Write a story or a poem that uses all of these words, contextualizing them and providing a conclusion of some sort.

    Vary at will.

    Posted 8 years ago 5 stories
  • Waves

    Any kind of waves: gentle, roaring, electromagnetic, gravitational, anything. Just be sure to mention waves.

    Posted 8 years ago 1 story
  • Lyrics

    Write some lyrics. It's a different form of storytelling than I'm used to, and I thought it might be fun!

    Posted 6 years ago 4 stories
  • No idea is a stupid idea

    Joss Whedon says, "The stupidest person in the room might have the best idea," when referring to writer's block.

    Take your characters, trap them, and have a random, possibly stupid, character say the most ridiculous idea ever, and have it work! Go!

    Posted 6 years ago 1 story
  • Your Independence Day Speech

    Have a character give a rousing speech. My inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoLywiaM6PA&abchannel=FHEfoxconnect but you could use Braveheart, a superhero, or. anything. Another one I like is "I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all!"

    Posted 6 years ago 0 stories
  • Your Biggest Fear

    Write about your personal biggest fear. Make us fear it, too.

    Posted 6 years ago 4 stories
  • A Countdown for Another

    Imagine your first person narrator being aware of any kind of countdown (time, quantity, etc.) that is important to someone else; present the narrator's feelings about the event and its meaning for the other person.

    Posted 8 years ago 3 stories
  • An opening line, but no dialogue...

    You must start with the line...

    "His/Her/Its face was playing tricks on me."

    And you cannot use any spoken dialogue.

    Have fun!

    Posted 6 years ago 1 story
  • Collection

    Write a story including a collection. People collect all kinds of things, so do rats and raccoons and ravens.

    What odd thing does your character collect?

    Or use collection as a verb, what are you taking up a collection for?

    Posted 6 years ago 2 stories
  • Camouflage

    Write a story including some form of camouflage. Try animal, paint, or emotional. We all hide something. Maybe something is lost. Perhaps your character hides, or maybe they wish they could hide. Maybe your story is camouflaged and parading as another.

    Posted 6 years ago 0 stories
  • Fae Angler

    I was listening to Come Little Children when the image of an angler fish popped into my head, you know the fish that lures other fish in with their light. Write a story about a Faerie that does the same with children except instead of light they use song.

    Posted 6 years ago 1 story
  • Darkest Hour

    Make a very dark, bleak moment in your story. One that seems like it may consume and destroy everything. Whether it's fully stopped, or you just shine a ray of light by the end, make sure to sprinkle on some hope.

    Posted 3 years ago 1 story
  • 15 words

    Write a story in a 15 word-long sentence.

    Or write a series of Ficlattés, each one also 15 words, continuing into one long stream of story telling.

    It can be done, like this:

    A click and a gun barrel poking his back, he knew Carlos had other plans.

    Posted 8 years ago 2 stories
  • The post man

    Man working in a warehouse (or w/e) has coworkers disappear without saying anything and is joined by a post man. One of them is not what they seem.

    Posted 8 years ago 1 story