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  • Maho Shojo

    Given powers, responsibilities, and enemies that they don't fully understand, Magical Girls are often in over their heads. Whether trying to balance a normal life and their powered one, or saving people in general, their lives are messy. Tell me your stor…

    Posted 2 months ago 0 stories
  • Six words

    The classic six-word story. Make it classy, make it memorable. Make it in six words.

    You may need to pad with ..... in order to beat the minimum-length pixies.

    Posted 4 years ago 16 stories
  • "Dream" Job

    Write a story where a character gets paid to sleep.

    Posted 10 months ago 3 stories
  • Collective names for animals, real and otherwise

    I am positively inclined toward collective animal names. Use one (real or that you made up) in a story. Here is a short list. More are out there if these aren't to taste. https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/blogs/99-strange-collective-animal-names

    Posted 9 months ago 2 stories
  • Dragonships Return

    From Twitter, Jennifer Shelby writes, "They arrived in ships like dragons, breathing fire, and that is how we knew they'd been here before."

    Who are they?

    Posted 1 year ago 3 stories
  • Cake!

    One person gifts a cake to a complete stranger in the park. A conversation ensues.

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • It's Nothing Personal

    Write a story with this as the theme or a statement in the story itself.

    Whatever happens, it's not personal, is it?

    Posted 3 months ago 2 stories
  • 2nd Person

    Write something in the second person point of view. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narration#Second-person

    Posted 1 year ago 1 story
  • This Ain't No Fairy Tale, Sweetheart

    If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then this is an oath sworn by your deepest fears.

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • A Sci-Fi Story Starter...

    Your story must begin with the following...

    "Klaxons. Klaxons everywhere. Truly this was it."

    Feel free to wrap in any other genres you like.

    Posted 1 year ago 3 stories
  • The Price of Hunting Monsters

    Monster hunting takes it's toll on on the hunters in the form of strained relationships, bodily injury (up to and including death), the doubts that they are doing any good at all. Show the price that a hunter is paying.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • Clothing

    Write a story about an article of clothing. Doesn't matter if the clothing is anthropomorphic or just normal, everyday boring and lifeless fabric, just as long as the article of clothing is the focal point.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • The man in the hourglass

    A few years ago I wrote a short story about a man trapped inside an hourglass. Sadly, I can't find it anymore. But perhaps you could write a new one!

    Write a story about someone (not necessarily a man or a human being) trapped inside an hourglass.

    Posted 9 months ago 2 stories
  • Collection

    Write a story including a collection. People collect all kinds of things, so do rats and raccoons and ravens.

    What odd thing does your character collect?

    Or use collection as a verb, what are you taking up a collection for?

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • Screaming and Threats

    "It was mostly screaming and threats after that..."

    Posted 1 year ago 0 stories
  • "It wasn't a gate."

    A commenter on a writing blog woke up in the middle of the night and opened a doc to record their thoughts. In the morning they looked back at their remembered genius. It contained four words: It wasn't a gate. They can't remember what it means.

    Tell us.

    Posted 9 months ago 2 stories
  • Are you mad because I got it from him/her?

    Write a story where this is the theme, stated of unstated (your choice). All genres and characters welcome.

    Posted 8 months ago 1 story
  • The Outcast...

    Write a story from the point of view of an outcast.

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • Three things to use...

    Your story must contain...

    A sprite/pixies/elf/dwarf/insert fantasy being here.

    A tent or tent like object.

    And it must contain some sort of treasured object. This can be a piece of actual treasure like a gem or gold or it can be a personal object.

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • Chicken Little was Right!

    The sky was falling. Interpret and use that as you'd like.

    Posted 10 months ago 1 story
  • An Emotion

    See if you can convey an emotion without any reference to the feeling itself. Think about how the emotion makes you feel, what it does to your body.

    Most of all, think of Disney xxx

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • Ficlyrically

    Write a story (any length) consisting entirely of song lyrics or titles.

    Optionally (and space permitting), list the musicians you've plagiarised...

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • A Catalyst for Self Change

    Write about a crystallizing moment in which a character makes an insight, or discovers something, that affects how they perceive the world or their own personality, likely to change their behavior & perceptions. It could be for the better or the worse.

    Posted 1 year ago 0 stories
  • The Glasses Tell

    Write a scene set somewhere in this (rather generic) story. Someone seeks out your protagonist who wears glasses and is wise in judgment. Then the protagonist loses their glasses or they get broken. After that the judgment of the protagonist is flawed.

    Posted 1 year ago 1 story
  • Musical Inspiration...

    Pick a song. Can be one you like or just be a song at random.

    Either while listening or after listening write whatever scene plays out in your head while that music is playing in the background.

    Include the name of the song in the story title if you can…

    Posted 2 years ago 6 stories