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  • Maho Shojo

    Given powers, responsibilities, and enemies that they don't fully understand, Magical Girls are often in over their heads. Whether trying to balance a normal life and their powered one, or saving people in general, their lives are messy. Tell me your stor…

    Posted 2 months ago 0 stories
  • Six words

    The classic six-word story. Make it classy, make it memorable. Make it in six words.

    You may need to pad with ..... in order to beat the minimum-length pixies.

    Posted 4 years ago 16 stories
  • Clothing

    Write a story about an article of clothing. Doesn't matter if the clothing is anthropomorphic or just normal, everyday boring and lifeless fabric, just as long as the article of clothing is the focal point.

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories
  • 2nd Person

    Write something in the second person point of view.

    Posted 1 year ago 1 story
  • This Ain't No Fairy Tale, Sweetheart

    If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then this is an oath sworn by your deepest fears.

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story
  • Cake!

    One person gifts a cake to a complete stranger in the park. A conversation ensues.

    Posted 2 years ago 3 stories
  • Collection

    Write a story including a collection. People collect all kinds of things, so do rats and raccoons and ravens.

    What odd thing does your character collect?

    Or use collection as a verb, what are you taking up a collection for?

    Posted 3 years ago 2 stories
  • "Dream" Job

    Write a story where a character gets paid to sleep.

    Posted 10 months ago 3 stories
  • Dragonships Return

    From Twitter, Jennifer Shelby writes, "They arrived in ships like dragons, breathing fire, and that is how we knew they'd been here before."

    Who are they?

    Posted 1 year ago 3 stories