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  • Totally Epic, Dude

    Challenge start date: 6th March 2020 Challenge end date: 6th April 2020

    You have 1024 characters to write some kind of high epic fiction. Pick any genre, but make it big, make it epic, make it challenging for your characters. What are they facing and how are they going to handle the challenge?

    As usual, you have a month. Wr…

    Posted 1 year ago 0 stories
  • Time in a Bottle

    Challenge start date: 4th February 2020 Challenge end date: 4th March 2020

    Time has been captured in a small space. A month seems to hold a year, and there seems to be no way forward, no way to break the endless cycle. Write about the scenario. Tell us what is happening, either to the world around your characters, to the charact…

    Posted 1 year ago 3 stories