Active challenges

  • Single Riders

    Challenge start date: 22nd June 2019 Challenge end date: 20th July 2019

    You're at your local carnival. You have your wristband and are looking at all the rides. They look so fun and you wan tot ride them. But you are by yourself. A single rider. You get in line anyway and as a single rider you practically get to jump straight…

    Posted 2 months ago 0 stories
  • Inspiration and Favorite Style

    Challenge start date: 9th June 2017 Challenge end date: 30th June 2017

    Do you have a favorite style to write in? Who or what inspires you? I challenge you to write in your favorite style (all subjects and all genres accepted). Then leave a comment on this challenge with who are what inspires you. I will do my best to judge e…

    Posted 2 years ago 1 story

    Challenge start date: 11th July 2017 Challenge end date: 1st August 2017

    I challenge you to write something where someone or something shakes (the ground, the window panes, the strange dog). The act of shaking should be significant but not necessarily obvious. All subject or genres are welcome. Optional second part of the chal…

    Posted 2 years ago 2 stories