The Slow Regard of Silent Things


Challenge Deadline: 28 Apr 2017

Patrick Rothfuss managed to write a short novel by this title which features only one human character throughout the story. How did this capture a reader's attention so strongly that they read the entire book in one sitting?

Simple. There were many other complex, nuanced characters. They just weren't human. Nor were they animal, nor living. In fact, most of the time you wouldn't consider objects and places as characters at all when reading a story.

That's the challenge. Write a story where an inanimate object or location is not just the focal point, but an actual presence and character in a story.

Other conventional characters may make appearance, but be warned - that is a slippery slope and may undermine the purpose of the challenge.

Looking forward to your participation.

Challenge started: 13 Apr 2017
Created by: Jae
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Winning Story

Promise Ring


Promise Ring


Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Crud, I was going to contribute to this challenge, but just missed the window of opportunity. Looks like Elsha earns the win by default. :)

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