Betrayal but not by a person


Challenge Deadline: 22 Mar 2017

Betrayal. It's sharpness stings. You know that feeling of violation, and it is violating to have a secret become public. It's like someone pulling off a bandaid to reveal one of your fears, one that you thought was safe. It feels shameful. Sometimes it is mixed with anger, sometimes disappointment. Add in disbelief or a knowing certainty that you were right and you have a delightfully chaotic mix of emotions. Got it? Feel it?

Now have a character suffer (and I do mean suffer) a betrayal, except it's not by a person. Somehow an object or a place has betrayed them. Maybe a pet? Or something I can't imagine at this moment in time. I don't want to split hairs but it can be something as intangible as their feelings even though they are technically betraying themselves. Go forth and dream up a nasty betrayal.

Challenge started: 8 Mar 2017
Created by: Robert Quick
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