Challenge Deadline: 1 Aug 2017

I challenge you to write something where someone or something shakes (the ground, the window panes, the strange dog). The act of shaking should be significant but not necessarily obvious. All subject or genres are welcome. Optional second part of the challenge since I am setting the challenge entry and deadline into the future: If you write something in the next two weeks for this challenge, I challenge you to re-read it and then rewrite it when the challenge comes around. See if anything changes. Do themes, mood, or imagery become more clear?

We don't talk about rewrites and editing much here so I'm curious if there will be any kind of difference. Obviously I won't know if you do this but if you happen to win the challenge, let me know if you succeeded in the optional part of the challenge.

Challenge started: 11 Jul 2017
Created by: Robert Quick
Challenge complete

Winning Story

Cliff Diving


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