The Dark Months

Jim Stitzel

I dabble a little in a lot of things — writing, webcomics, gaming, photography, web design, music, and more. I write code full-time and words in the gaps in between.

I don't know about anyone else, but did it feel like January was at least a year long? And, for me at least, February isn't a whole lot better. Sure, the days are finally getting longer, but the weather is still drab and dreary, and it's easy and common to feel the blues during these months. I find myself counting the days until March, when the weather finally starts to warm up more consistently. The foliage begins to spring out once more. Thunderstorms start to become a more regular occurrence, and my overall mood starts to improve.

But in the meantime, we have to survive what I call the dark months, that period of time between the holidays of December and the beginning of Spring.

One of my go-tos during this time is writing. There's just something therapeutic about putting words to paper -- both literally and figuratively -- that helps banish some of those winter blues. Whether it's writing original stories or using someone else's for inspiration, it doesn't matter so long as the words get set down. It isn't always easy, of course. Many days I don't want to write, but that's where we remember that writing is as much a discipline as a hobby. Our muses don't always want to cooperate, and so we have to nudge them out of slumber and sometimes inspire them to work.

And it's always worth the effort. There's few things as satisfying to a writer as seeing a finished written product.

So stave off the dark months and winter blues, my friends. Keep at it, keep your heads up, and keep surviving.

And most of all, keep writing.

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I've been branching out a bit. While writing will always be my first love, I've found that storytelling happens everywhere. Roleplaying, both in forums and as tabletop roleplaying games. Narrative- and theme-heavy board games, also, though they're a bit hard on the schedule.

For whatever reason, my pool of inspiration has been slow to recharge recently. A bit of variety in storytelling formats has definitely helped.

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