Ficlatté hosting fun


Arms, legs, the usual.

I also seem to be running the site.

I may get around to writing some actual stories at some point.

Hi all.

You may have noticed Ficlatté vanishing briefly on Saturday. This was because Daniel, our very fine host master at Pepperfish was moving us to new hardware. With luck and a following wind, this will mean that the site is, once again, rock-solid and happy.

Unfortunately, with the move to new hardware, my mail settings weren't quite correct, so any e-mail messages you should have got from us probably didn't arrive. I've fixed this now, so things should be flowing nicely once more.

As usual, do get in touch if you are experiencing problems. I can't get onto most things quickly, but I do try to get onto everything eventually.

Keep writing!

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Thank you for this sort of (often thankless) work.

I don't participate nearly as much as I should, but I do appreciate every bit that's done to keep the site running.

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