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And we're all brown

With Jim's latest update, we now have a beautiful new look to the site, all bedecked in coffee-based colours.

If you aren't seeing brown, you may need to persuade your browser to refresh the CSS from the cache (just press Ctrl-F5 in most browsers).

The …
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Jim Stitzel has been working tirelessly (and being very patient) to code up improvements to the site. Refugees from Ficly will remember the 'notes' feature. Well, thanks to Jim, that is now back. So now you can send private notes to one another. As alw…
Posted 45 hours ago 10 comments

The Voice of Inspiration

As writers what inspires us to write and the kind of writing we do is different for everyone. For some we write about real life, infusing our own experiences into the work. For others we prefer to escape into fantastic realms of magic and mystery, or scie…

Posted 8 days ago 3 comments

Choose your own adventure

Ficlatté user slapdashmonuments is a fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure format and has been using the sequels feature of Ficlatté to create a new adventure for us to enjoy.

Posted 1 month ago 3 comments

New feature: Challenges

One of the wonderful features on Ficly was the ability for users to set challenges for each other. A challenge is pretty much what it says on the tin: you are challenged to write a Fic that adheres to a specific set of rules. After closing date set by t…

Posted 1 month ago 14 comments

Ficlatté on GitHub

For those who care about such things, I have always had the Ficlatté source code available (under the GNU Affero General Public License v3). Given that I'm an old fart who doesn't know how to move with the times, I've kept the code under the bazaar-ng ver…
Posted 2 months ago 5 comments

NaNoWriMo beckons

Hi all.

It's October, which means that it's nearly November. And November means NaNoWriMo. It's at this time of year that I get a crazy idea in my head that I'm going to write 50,000 words of fiction within the 30 days …
Posted 5 months ago 6 comments

Should we worry too much about the words we use?

A fresh recommendation this morning (thanks to user rhubarb_j) that looks interesting. Prominent English wordsmith (amongst other accolates), Stephen Fry, thinks we needn't worry too much.

Posted 7 months ago 7 comments

Bug fix

I got a small stack of error messages in my e-mail yesterday, because of a server bug. Welcome user rhubarbj, who found the bug. I've fixed it and added your stories to the site, but you'll have to confirm your e-mail address before the site will accep…

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New feature: e-mail notifications

I've done a couple of things today.

The first thing is that every page in Ficlatté now has a proper page title, so your browsing history won't be spammed by dozens of "Ficlatté" entries with no further comment: each page title tells you what it is you're…

Posted 10 months ago 12 comments