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Jim's been at it again

Good morning, fine Ficlateers. I hope today finds you well.

Two things today. The first is that our fantastic resident code-monkey, Jim Stitzel, has been hard at work again and has added the ability for us to "like" comments. Should be fairly self-exp…

Posted 7 days ago 3 comments

Behind-the-scenes site updates

Jim has been hard at work and, as usual, I have been too busy to listen. I've put my insomnia to good use tonight, though, and I have pulled in his latest updates. If everything worked, you should not notice anything at all, but his work has tidied up t…

Posted 3 months ago 6 comments

Ficlatté hosting fun

Hi all.

You may have noticed Ficlatté vanishing briefly on Saturday. This was because Daniel, our very fine host master at Pepperfish was moving us to new hardware. With luck and a following wind, this will mean that the site is, once again, rock-solid…

Posted 4 months ago 1 comment

Community: Writing with a Social Component

I want everyone to go take a look at their profiles. Go on. I'll wait. In particular I want you to pay attention to two specific numbers -- your total story count and your total comment count. How do they compare? Do you have more stories written than com…

Posted 4 months ago 2 comments


One of the most amazing things to me is the way the Ficlatté community (and Ficly before it) has become a sort of surrogate family to me over the years. I've come to feel like everyone here is special to me in one way or another, and many of Ficlatté's de…

Posted 5 months ago 6 comments

Some more server joy

Our lovely hosting provider have been having some problems with the server Ficlatté lives on. Please bear with them over the next few days as they rebuild the data on the server. Their plan over the next week or so is to replace the hardware, so things s…

Posted 7 months ago 2 comments

Don't Forget to Challenge Yourself

Hey, Ficlateers,

I just wanted to take a moment and remind you about our Challenges. Right now we have two active Challenges, one by Robert Quick called The Less Said that offers the opportunity to write a sto…
Posted 7 months ago 5 comments

And we're all brown

With Jim's latest update, we now have a beautiful new look to the site, all bedecked in coffee-based colours.

If you aren't seeing brown, you may need to persuade your browser to refresh the CSS from the cache (just press Ctrl-F5 in most browsers).

The …
Posted 7 months ago 25 comments


Jim Stitzel has been working tirelessly (and being very patient) to code up improvements to the site. Refugees from Ficly will remember the 'notes' feature. Well, thanks to Jim, that is now back. So now you can send private notes to one another. As alw…
Posted 7 months ago 10 comments

The Voice of Inspiration

As writers what inspires us to write and the kind of writing we do is different for everyone. For some we write about real life, infusing our own experiences into the work. For others we prefer to escape into fantastic realms of magic and mystery, or scie…

Posted 8 months ago 3 comments