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I haven't forgotten you

I've just been stupidly busy with life.

If any regulars here would like to contribute blog posts from time to time, just let me know in the comments and I can add you as a Ficlatté blogger.

Hoping that those of you who do Thanksgiving had a good time, l…

Posted 12 days ago 1 comment

GDPR - Data protection

Hi all.

There's a new law coming in in the UK (and Europe, I think) next week that means that we need to be even more careful with your data than before and not send you unsolicited e-mails.

As far as I can tell, we're compliant. We only send you e-mai…

Posted 6 months ago 3 comments


So the last couple of weeks have seen a new influx of wicked spambot activity in our lovely community. These interlopers have been duly noted, and while they don't know it yet, they've already been marked for death. These bots are apparently more clever t…

Posted 7 months ago 7 comments

Happy New Year!

To all our members, both new and old, we here at Ficlatte want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 was good to you and that 2018 will be an even better year!

Last year saw some pretty major upgrades to the site, and we're hoping to brin…

Posted 11 months ago 5 comments

Bad Bot Behavior

Ladies and Gentlebots,

You may have noticed recently that we have, once more, had an incursion into our realm of the most botific kind. Our lord and master, ethelthefrog, has been magnanimous enough quietly quash these invasions, but until today we had b…

Posted 1 year ago 6 comments

Jim's been at it again

Good morning, fine Ficlateers. I hope today finds you well.

Two things today. The first is that our fantastic resident code-monkey, Jim Stitzel, has been hard at work again and has added the ability for us to "like" comments. Should be fairly self-exp…

Posted 1 year ago 4 comments

Behind-the-scenes site updates

Jim has been hard at work and, as usual, I have been too busy to listen. I've put my insomnia to good use tonight, though, and I have pulled in his latest updates. If everything worked, you should not notice anything at all, but his work has tidied up t…

Posted 1 year ago 6 comments

Ficlatté hosting fun

Hi all.

You may have noticed Ficlatté vanishing briefly on Saturday. This was because Daniel, our very fine host master at Pepperfish was moving us to new hardware. With luck and a following wind, this will mean that the site is, once again, rock-solid…

Posted 1 year ago 1 comment

Community: Writing with a Social Component

I want everyone to go take a look at their profiles. Go on. I'll wait. In particular I want you to pay attention to two specific numbers -- your total story count and your total comment count. How do they compare? Do you have more stories written than com…

Posted 1 year ago 2 comments


One of the most amazing things to me is the way the Ficlatté community (and Ficly before it) has become a sort of surrogate family to me over the years. I've come to feel like everyone here is special to me in one way or another, and many of Ficlatté's de…

Posted 1 year ago 6 comments