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Complicated (1/22)

How did I reach this point? My life has become complicated in the last few months.

Wow. Understatem…

Published 3 years ago.


King Cynric looked down on the three men kneeling before him. "Arran, former head of my father's gua…

Published 4 years ago.


One of the hardest lessons I've learned is that some things you can control, and some things you can…

Published 4 years ago.


He looked over the scrolls. Perfectly preserved, even after 8,000 years!

The script flowed like no …

Published 4 years ago.

Early Retirement

After browsing for almost twenty minutes, the customer looked ready to leave. Eric put the phone dow…

Published 4 years ago.

A Picture's Worth

"You need to leave. Now."

He was pissed. I'm sure my laughing at what he said didn't help.


Published 4 years ago.

The Last Thing I Remember...

I sit up, clutching at my chest. Christ, it hurts! The last thing I remember is... What is the last …

Published 4 years ago.

I Wish I Could Tell Them...

I wish I could tell them how beautiful the funeral was. The things everyone said were so touching. E…

Published 4 years ago.


Why am I tied to the bed?

Why does my crotch hurt so much?

And why is the dog wearing bloody surgi…

Published 5 years ago.

A Beautiful Death

She walks down the street in a red dress. Her long, black hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin catch me…

Published 5 years ago.

Why Won't He Listen?

There's a guy I know. We talk frequently. Every day, in fact. I want to help him, but I just don't k…

Published 5 years ago.

Back To Myself

For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself. Of course, this does have its pros and cons.

Published 5 years ago.


I don't know how long I've been here. Weeks? Months? Maybe days?

They treat me well, for the most p…

Published 5 years ago.

Demon Lamb

Mary had a little lamb

Its heart was black as coal.

And everywhere that Mary went,

It swallowed chil…

Published 5 years ago.

The New Normal?

"Okay, so... Yeah. We've got this." Captain Gaia looked us over. "Hero Corps, let's..."

"Uh, questi…

Published 5 years ago.


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