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Canine Dis-tempo

It was a beautiful night. The power was out on our block, so I had a gorgeous view of the Milky Way.…

Published 2 months ago.

A Fair Fight

Barris, commander of the Republic troops strode forward. No armour, no weapons.

Acheson turned to h…

Published 7 months ago.

Fighting On Your Own Terms

"Your mother teach you any magic, boy?" Thomas scowled again, and Eric thought, He sure does get th…

Published 8 months ago.

A Habit Of Lies

"So, how do you know she was lying to you?"

Eric sighed. "Because that's all she does!" He yelled.

Published 8 months ago.

Dumb Luck

Eric strode out the front door, determined to put this whole messy business behind him. Thomas wasn'…

Published 8 months ago.

Family Get-Together

She wore a smile, and not much else. "Glad to see your dress code is still... relaxed," Eric said. "…

Published 8 months ago.

Father-Son Reunion

He felt the barrel of the shotgun against the back of his head. He never even heard the old man appr…

Published 9 months ago.

Respawn (22/22)

She looks at the clock. "Is that the time, already?"

I see what she means. "4:58." I turn to her. "…

Published 9 months ago.

Fun At My Expense (21/22)

I wake up, and find myself in bed. My head hurts, and there's a cold compress on my forehead. I try …

Published 9 months ago.

Broke... Or Am I? (20/22)

"Well, then, Mrs. Sinclair." Her eyes light up at hearing that. "What shall we do, now that your h…

Published 9 months ago.

It's Your (New And Improved) Life (19/22)

I eventually settle down. I'm not sure exactly when she got it, but she's suddenly wiping my face wi…

Published 9 months ago.

Long Distance Divorce (18/22)

"You brought your briefcase from work along. I think your laptop is in there."

"It should be." I he…

Published 9 months ago.

The New You (17/22)

I start thinking. Video game names are cliche, for the most part, appropriate though it may be. And,…

Published 9 months ago.

Borrowed Names (16/22)

And back to being perplexed. "You don't have a name?"

"Nope." She says that one word as though it…

Published 9 months ago.

Healing Wind (15/22)

She tenses, starts to pull away, then relaxes. I'm still holding the towel around her injured hand, …

Published 9 months ago.


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