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King Cynric looked down on the three men kneeling before him. "Arran, former head of my father's gua…

Published 31 days ago.


One of the hardest lessons I've learned is that some things you can control, and some things you can…

Published 3 months ago.


He looked over the scrolls. Perfectly preserved, even after 8,000 years!

The script flowed like no …

Published 3 months ago.

Early Retirement

After browsing for almost twenty minutes, the customer looked ready to leave. Eric put the phone dow…

Published 3 months ago.

A Picture's Worth

"You need to leave. Now."

He was pissed. I'm sure my laughing at what he said didn't help.


Published 9 months ago.

The Last Thing I Remember...

I sit up, clutching at my chest. Christ, it hurts! The last thing I remember is... What is the last …

Published 10 months ago.

I Wish I Could Tell Them...

I wish I could tell them how beautiful the funeral was. The things everyone said were so touching. E…

Published 11 months ago.


Why am I tied to the bed?

Why does my crotch hurt so much?

And why is the dog wearing bloody surgi…

Published 1 year ago.

A Beautiful Death

She walks down the street in a red dress. Her long, black hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin catch me…

Published 1 year ago.

Why Won't He Listen?

There's a guy I know. We talk frequently. Every day, in fact. I want to help him, but I just don't k…

Published 1 year ago.

Back To Myself

For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself. Of course, this does have its pros and cons.

Published 1 year ago.


I don't know how long I've been here. Weeks? Months? Maybe days?

They treat me well, for the most p…

Published 1 year ago.

Demon Lamb

Mary had a little lamb

Its heart was black as coal.

And everywhere that Mary went,

It swallowed chil…

Published 1 year ago.

The New Normal?

"Okay, so... Yeah. We've got this." Captain Gaia looked us over. "Hero Corps, let's..."

"Uh, questi…

Published 1 year ago.

A New Cellmate

The cell door slammed open. Kerr looked up, and locked eyes with his brother. "Gierard," he growled,…

Published 1 year ago.


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