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Blood Moon

Quick hands. Moonlight flashing on a blade. Mooncat dying on a blade.

Grims dropped the knife and r…

Published 9 days ago.

History Has a Hold on Her

Devra turned her attention away from the Big Ben lego model and glanced over her notes for the eveni…

Published 10 days ago.

The Eagles of Meth Metal

One of these crazy old nights, before the sun comes up. The wicked wind whispers and moans.

A boy w…

Published 7 months ago.

Inane Ramblings

The boys from the backstreets walk together, moving in one direction - in sync, living lives in the …

Published 7 months ago.


I have erred.

Jeopardised my mission in a way I haven't for so very long. Cleaned it as well as I c…

Published 7 months ago.

An Englishman in New York

New York. Her place near the river. The limousines wait in the street.

I come undone. “Don’t be ala…

Published 7 months ago.


I found myself momentarily unable to move. This was not a sensation I had experienced before, and it…

Published 7 months ago.

Gettin' Stacked

"C'mon man, I need you on this!"

KG had been pleading for 20 minutes. I could feel myself drowning …

Published 7 months ago.

Gray Blind 5

The cube was less than two inches square, yet somehow heavy enough to thwart Rachael's best efforts …

Published 7 months ago.


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