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Life As You Know It

Sleep... eludes me.

I am not the master of my own time.

Events occur around me, unbidden, unwilled. …

Published 6 months ago.

Individual Apocalypse

Egg shells feel like feathers - softly, gently ground beneath behemoth tongues. Leviathan laughter e…

Published 3 years ago.

The Knife

He liked the knife; it was his favourite. A Wusthof chef's knife, he'd bought it online and it hadn'…

Published 3 years ago.

Shake Those Spears

To be or not to be?

A consciousness of stream

The weight of human ignorance

Annihilates the dream


Published 5 years ago.

Opportunity Knocks

Raised voices from inside greeted his booted arrival announcement, but it took him a few seconds to …

Published 5 years ago.

Faust Redux

"My tongue may be twisted but I'll tell you no lies

Surely that's plain from the look in my eyes?

Published 5 years ago.

Blood Moon

Quick hands. Moonlight flashing on a blade. Mooncat dying on a blade.

Grims dropped the knife and r…

Published 5 years ago.

History Has a Hold on Her

Devra turned her attention away from the Big Ben lego model and glanced over her notes for the eveni…

Published 5 years ago.

The Eagles of Meth Metal

One of these crazy old nights, before the sun comes up. The wicked wind whispers and moans.

A boy w…

Published 6 years ago.

Inane Ramblings

The boys from the backstreets walk together, moving in one direction - in sync, living lives in the …

Published 6 years ago.


I have erred.

Jeopardised my mission in a way I haven't for so very long. Cleaned it as well as I c…

Published 6 years ago.

An Englishman in New York

New York. Her place near the river. The limousines wait in the street.

I come undone. “Don’t be ala…

Published 6 years ago.


I found myself momentarily unable to move. This was not a sensation I had experienced before, and it…

Published 6 years ago.

Gettin' Stacked

"C'mon man, I need you on this!"

KG had been pleading for 20 minutes. I could feel myself drowning …

Published 6 years ago.

Gray Blind 5

The cube was less than two inches square, yet somehow heavy enough to thwart Rachael's best efforts …

Published 6 years ago.


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