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A shameful smile lurks in the corner

of every fold of fat

and widening waistline

gleefully posted by…

Published 15 days ago.

Unlikely Romance

Hey ditty ditty, the cat or the kitty

the cow jumped over the moon

But her heels didn't make it

So s…

Published 21 days ago.

Better Broken

Sometimes broken means better

sometimes failure means experienced

means strong enough for the storm

Published 21 days ago.

Maybe we can still be friends

A bright pink teddy bear was banished to the back of the closet

And its glassy eyes shimmer with pai…

Published 21 days ago.

Yes and No

I wanted to say yes

to the invitation to dinner

to the offer of company

to the slanted smile in your…

Published 2 months ago.

The Stages of Revolution

To meet our unmet expectations

We will scrape off our old perceptions

to grow shiny new understandin…

Published 5 months ago.

The Long Road

The glowing lights of my destination blaze fearlessly on my horizon

Clearly defined against the daw…

Published 8 months ago.

My Worst Enemy

I’m caught in a raging sea of should’s, helplessly flailing against the tide I've created. Through t…

Published 1 year ago.

Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors


You are drowning us in a cacophony of words

your verbal vomit spewing with t…

Published 1 year ago.

Sorry David

When I try to picture a faultless face

I see smooth marble curving easily over defined musculature

Published 2 years ago.

Learning to Live With Pain

God how she hated the burden on her limbs

That muddied her air and scratched at her skin

She resente…

Published 2 years ago.


If only, if only, the broken mom cries

You chose to look up and not text while you drive

My shattere…

Published 2 years ago.

Baby Steps

I don’t want to be a hypocrite

Who gives theories as mentors

In place of the action I crave

But I’m …

Published 2 years ago.

Maybe it's a sign

I don’t know when I stopped

the daily painting of my face

On a Monday?

Maybe a Sunday

or some other…

Published 2 years ago.

Yellow Beats Purple Black-and-Blue

I broke the mountains majesty

To get beneath her skin

To show the truth of buried beauty

And the gol…

Published 2 years ago.


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