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Bob and the animals

We watched from inside as Bob mowed the lawn. Then one moment he saw something through the garden fe…

Published 8 months ago.

Twisted luck

Klaxons. Klaxons everywhere. Truly this was it.

After months of combing through this enormous aband…

Published 10 months ago.

The Cursed Coast

The Growth has covered the entire coastline for as long as we could tell, and it grew out onto the o…

Published 1 year ago.

News headline (Six words prompt)

Transpacific diplomacy warming, like global climate.


Published 1 year ago.

The hunt

My steps make little noise as I move gingerly between the bushes. As I survey my surroundings, my th…

Published 1 year ago.

The Accident

Thinking of you.

A summer dream. Violently happy.

All the love... Absorbed in you, Oblivious.

One t…

Published 1 year ago.

An hour in the park I truly did not expect


Lovely summer day, I could finally read undisturbed on my favorite bench in the park. Until s…

Published 1 year ago.


F sat there, in that uncomfortable position, half-leaning on the windowsill, still gazing outside. I…

Published 3 years ago.


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