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I like to think of myself as a writer.

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The lights flashed red and I raced forward. Car horns and the screech of tires blared at me, scoldi…

Published 6 years ago.


In the middle of the night the world ended. It was actually quite mediocre. Unfortunately I was too…

Published 6 years ago.


She wakes up in the morning and can't go back to sleep. She attempts to move her blue frost bitten …

Published 7 years ago.

The Sick Woman

I hurry back home with the other half of the loaf. I need to get home before the screaming starts an…

Published 7 years ago.

The Poverty of Hunger

This is where my story begins. I am hungry and even the smell of the cabbages our neighbours are per…

Published 7 years ago.


The voices in my head talk over each other, a multitude of conversations all happening at once. I p…

Published 7 years ago.


Later that night, I came back from work my shirt covered in blood, just itching to take a shower. I…

Published 7 years ago.

Sound of Death

The knife cut through her throat like it was butter and her blood spilled all over my hands. It had …

Published 7 years ago.

Finding My Way

I am lost

But in between the bursts of self hate

Blooms the tentative flower of hope

I am not a fail…

Published 7 years ago.

Out For a Walk

Her laughter broke the silence. Nervously she looked around, probably hoping no one had heard. She …

Published 7 years ago.

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