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I'm getting back into writing after a long break.

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Well, where are they?

"Where are the time travelers?"

Excuse me?

"Where are they? Shouldn't they be crawling all over us…

Published 4 years ago.


Liz' thoughts were interrupted by a flash of fire and a dragon's roar.

Across the small park, a win…

Published 4 years ago.

Imaginary Light

Around her, the air glowed with imaginary light.

A scintillating galaxy of text, artwork, and signa…

Published 4 years ago.

Quiet Streets

Bundled up against the autumn chill, Liz wandered the city streets, alone with her thoughts.


Published 4 years ago.

Sarah's Garden

"This is my garden, now," explained Sarah, gesturing expansively at the tiny fenced area. "Mommy s…

Published 4 years ago.

Crossroads Hill

"But they don't have heads!"

"As I understand it, that's voluntary."

"That's ridiculous."

"I'm te…

Published 4 years ago.

A New Start

Liz Redmont needed a new start.

She decided this, while staring down the donut-shaped puddle at the…

Published 4 years ago.


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