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Dragon's Teeth

"All hands, prepare for atmospheric entry."

It was a warning, not an order. The crew had been prepa…

Published 17 days ago.

Offline Fic'ing




.editor { zoom: 250%; width: 100%; }

.editor .counter, .editor .ficle…

Published 17 days ago.

Real Professionals

Nellis Air Station was our first stop, the closest site to Yucca Mountain with the facilities to han…

Published 10 months ago.

Bases, Bunkers, and Hidey-Holes

The Core Systems Alliance was not a great military power.

It was the only power, which is not qui…

Published 10 months ago.

The Flight

An hour later, we were in the air, strapped into the cabin of a supersonic transport plane. The engi…

Published 10 months ago.


What followed was not so much a mission briefing but a series of pronouncements from the little comp…

Published 10 months ago.

Expert System

"Is it correct that those present are only: Lieutenant Georgia Whitmore and Chief Petty Officer Bori…

Published 10 months ago.

The Case

Back at my desk, things only got more bizarre.

"I've retrieved the plan files, sir."

"Good. Open t…

Published 10 months ago.

Electric Raven

Inside the safe was a rack of thin metallic briefcases, bearing coded nameplates.

Badger, Dragon, …

Published 10 months ago.

Strategic Assets

The Office of Strategic Assets was responsible for a number of things: planetary deuterium stockpile…

Published 10 months ago.

On Hold

I tapped the mute key on my terminal.

"Boris! Where's the QS-19 document safe?"

The sleepy NCO loo…

Published 10 months ago.

We Weren't Ready

We weren't ready for the aliens, but should have been.

They first got our attention with a series o…

Published 10 months ago.

Well, where are they?

"Where are the time travelers?"

Excuse me?

"Where are they? Shouldn't they be crawling all over us…

Published 10 months ago.


Liz' thoughts were interrupted by a flash of fire and a dragon's roar.

Across the small park, a win…

Published 11 months ago.

Imaginary Light

Around her, the air glowed with imaginary light.

A scintillating galaxy of text, artwork, and signa…

Published 11 months ago.


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