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I'm getting back into writing after a long break.

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Green Cassowary

a glowing document, highlighted for my senses alone. as i read, the dense random symbols resolved in…

Published 15 days ago.


dizziness, tingling in my limbs. a little pain…

i sat up, wobbling on my office chair. id been rest…

Published 15 days ago.

Garbage Collection

"It's a pretty good visualization."

i looked up, startled out of thought by my coworker who had lea…

Published 15 days ago.

900 Billion

the year is 900 billion. the universe dims and reddens as star formation declines and space stretche…

Published 1 month ago.

The Church-Turing Thesis

the church-turing thesis is inescapable.

any system with the right set of properties is, in principl…

Published 2 months ago.


I can see the stars, but I don't have the fuel.

My trajectory is set, but I'm gazing off to the sid…

Published 3 years ago.

Dragon's Teeth

"All hands, prepare for atmospheric entry."

It was a warning, not an order. The crew had been prepa…

Published 4 years ago.

Offline Fic'ing




.editor { zoom: 250%; width: 100%; }

.editor .counter, .editor .ficle…

Published 4 years ago.

Real Professionals

Nellis Air Station was our first stop, the closest site to Yucca Mountain with the facilities to han…

Published 4 years ago.

Bases, Bunkers, and Hidey-Holes

The Core Systems Alliance was not a great military power.

It was the only power, which is not qui…

Published 4 years ago.

The Flight

An hour later, we were in the air, strapped into the cabin of a supersonic transport plane. The engi…

Published 4 years ago.


What followed was not so much a mission briefing but a series of pronouncements from the little comp…

Published 4 years ago.

Expert System

"Is it correct that those present are only: Lieutenant Georgia Whitmore and Chief Petty Officer Bori…

Published 5 years ago.

The Case

Back at my desk, things only got more bizarre.

"I've retrieved the plan files, sir."

"Good. Open t…

Published 5 years ago.

Electric Raven

Inside the safe was a rack of thin metallic briefcases, bearing coded nameplates.

Badger, Dragon, …

Published 5 years ago.


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