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I'm getting back into writing after a long break.

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Green Cassowary

a glowing document, highlighted for my senses alone. as i read, the dense random symbols resolved in…

Published 1 year ago.


dizziness, tingling in my limbs. a little pain…

i sat up, wobbling on my office chair. id been rest…

Published 1 year ago.

Garbage Collection

"It's a pretty good visualization."

i looked up, startled out of thought by my coworker who had lea…

Published 1 year ago.

900 Billion

the year is 900 billion. the universe dims and reddens as star formation declines and space stretche…

Published 1 year ago.

The Church-Turing Thesis

the church-turing thesis is inescapable.

any system with the right set of properties is, in principl…

Published 1 year ago.


I can see the stars, but I don't have the fuel.

My trajectory is set, but I'm gazing off to the sid…

Published 4 years ago.

Dragon's Teeth

"All hands, prepare for atmospheric entry."

It was a warning, not an order. The crew had been prepa…

Published 5 years ago.

Offline Fic'ing




.editor { zoom: 250%; width: 100%; }

.editor .counter, .editor .ficle…

Published 5 years ago.

Real Professionals

Nellis Air Station was our first stop, the closest site to Yucca Mountain with the facilities to han…

Published 6 years ago.

Bases, Bunkers, and Hidey-Holes

The Core Systems Alliance was not a great military power.

It was the only power, which is not qui…

Published 6 years ago.

The Flight

An hour later, we were in the air, strapped into the cabin of a supersonic transport plane. The engi…

Published 6 years ago.


What followed was not so much a mission briefing but a series of pronouncements from the little comp…

Published 6 years ago.

Expert System

"Is it correct that those present are only: Lieutenant Georgia Whitmore and Chief Petty Officer Bori…

Published 6 years ago.

The Case

Back at my desk, things only got more bizarre.

"I've retrieved the plan files, sir."

"Good. Open t…

Published 6 years ago.

Electric Raven

Inside the safe was a rack of thin metallic briefcases, bearing coded nameplates.

Badger, Dragon, …

Published 6 years ago.


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