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I grew up on Ficlets. There, the writer inside me had a home. I'm a teacher now, and a 4th grader who reminds me so much of myself asked, "Why don't you share your writing with us?" So, I come tentatively, searching for a place to stretch my writing muscles again.

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Cookie Jar

Mom left for work. Sienna rode her bike to band practice. Me alone, left to read my book, do the di…

Published 4 months ago.

My Body - Promise Ring Flashback 2 (Everett)

I don't remember everything about how it happened. I do remember waking up. I remember that abject t…

Published 5 months ago.

The Cave - Promise Ring Flashback (Sasha)

"Everett!" He was going to be the death of me, but not before he was the death of himself. "Everett,…

Published 5 months ago.

Breadcrumbs--Promise Ring 5 (Everett)

Sasha. Man, I'd completely wrecked her night. Go figure.

I pounded the steering wheel, trying to bl…

Published 5 months ago.

She was a Black Hole

I kept her at the periphery of my life, all too aware of the danger. She was a black hole, and if I …

Published 5 months ago.

The Past

I bury him in a shoebox at 4:15. I scrape at the ground in the shadow of the fire escape with the s…

Published 5 months ago.

To Be Your Muse

What do I want?

It took you 8 years, but you happened upon the one question I can't answer truthful…

Published 5 months ago.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Dear Colin,

Help. I can't seem to escape from stories.

I swam through ours last night, poring over…

Published 10 months ago.

The Coffee Shop

John liked coffee shops. They were places to focus, to drown himself in business and caffeine. Excep…

Published 10 months ago.

His Eyes

There was something about his eyes. Not dreamy or wistful. Not deep and romantic, or glassy and va…

Published 10 months ago.

Eleanor's Dare

It's one of those mornings--an anything-is-better-than-pretending-to-sleep-while-I-actually-just-wor…

Published 1 year ago.

Ms. Nolan

Ms. Nolan, my English teacher, asked me to stay after class.

It'd been 30 days since David died.


Published 1 year ago.

A Lost Boy

Three weeks ago, my brother died. Three weeks ago, I stopped raising my hand in class. Three weeks…

Published 1 year ago.

Forty Percent Lightning Bolts

"The average human being is about 40 percent mitochondria by biomass," you said. "Mitochondria are w…

Published 1 year ago.

This Monday Morning

5:31 A.M.

My heart races, and I immediately chastise my brain into generating 5 things to be gratefu…

Published 1 year ago.


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