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Heartless Resolution

"Fine." I said, throwing a hand up. "But I hope you know you're late for work now."

I blinked from …

Published 3 years ago.

A Faulty Block

It wasn't possible. I put the block in the Vena Cava of Chakra No. 4. There should have been no ener…

Published 3 years ago.

Perri Paulina Pint-sized Pirate

I stood squinting up at the main mast. It was clear sailing and I saw Lookout Lenny in the galley. T…

Published 3 years ago.

A Visitor in the Grey Room

After standing alone for days in the emptiness of the Grey Room it was impossible not to notice the …

Published 3 years ago.

Precognition over Pills

Slowly, Grandma's frantic rocking petered to a halt.

"An ambulance is on it's way." Charlie announc…

Published 3 years ago.

Don't Stop in the Woods

"We need to keep moving."

"It'll only be a sec. Which pocket is it?"

"Left." I hunch over as Ally …

Published 3 years ago.

In the Orchard

The swinging gate transformed. First, two broad arms uncurled from within the wooden slats. They str…

Published 3 years ago.

The Man with the Full Cup of Coffee

Just one more choice and destiny is yours. The universe whispered like she might hear.

When Kimbe…

Published 3 years ago.

The Ship of One More

“In the event of a gravitational storm, please return to your seat and buckle your restraints as dem…

Published 7 years ago.


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