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I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

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Light and Dark

Nara ran over, body slamming an off-white girl, before jumping back and blasting her with inky black…

Published 8 months ago.


"Would you like to be a magical girl?"

The ad popped up on her screen for the third time. "Why won't…

Published 8 months ago.

Settling Into The Job



Rylis stepped back a little as blood pooled around the person she'd just killed, loo…

Published 8 months ago.

Broken Ballad

Another night, another peaceful dinner with gently clinking silverware and soft voices discussing th…

Published 8 months ago.

Pouring Rain

Trissa walked through the pouring rain. She was getting soaked, but it was hard to care.

She stepped…

Published 8 months ago.

Close Call

The cyan girl struggled to no avail. "Please don't, I didn't do anything to you!"

"I told you it…

Published 8 months ago.

Rooftop Run

"Stop running, dummy!"

"You're trying to kill me, and I kind of don't want to die!" The cyan girl …

Published 8 months ago.

Endless Cycle

Two white ears poked out of the sand, followed by a fluffy white head, and then a body popped out. T…

Published 8 months ago.

Highly Flammable

Rita jumped back, only getting the front end of her skirt lightly singed. "You're blue. Why the he…

Published 8 months ago.

Perish Song

"Do you guys always have to show up with such inconvenient timing?" she asked the monster, not tha…

Published 8 months ago.

Midnight Melody

Aria jumped and slid down the roof, doing another small hop to get over the rain gutter, and landing…

Published 8 months ago.

A Complete Success

Glowing green magic flowed out of the green-haired girl and into the rocks, lighting up the etched r…

Published 9 months ago.


The girl whimpered in pain as a man made tiny incisions in her arm. Or... what was left of her arm, …

Published 9 months ago.


Etril cowered in fear. This was it. She'd known it was coming, but hoped it wouldn't be this soon.


Published 9 months ago.

After The Invasion

It had only been a few months since the invasion. Aliens had killed a lot of humans, others were jus…

Published 9 months ago.


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