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I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

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Highly Flammable

Rita jumped back, only getting the front end of her skirt lightly singed. "You're blue. Why the he…

Published 5 days ago.

Perish Song

"Do you guys always have to show up with such inconvenient timing?" she asked the monster, not tha…

Published 6 days ago.

Midnight Melody

Aria jumped and slid down the roof, doing another small hop to get over the rain gutter, and landing…

Published 6 days ago.

A Complete Success

Glowing green magic flowed out of the green-haired girl and into the rocks, lighting up the etched r…

Published 13 days ago.


The girl whimpered in pain as a man made tiny incisions in her arm. Or... what was left of her arm, …

Published 13 days ago.


Etril cowered in fear. This was it. She'd known it was coming, but hoped it wouldn't be this soon.


Published 14 days ago.

After The Invasion

It had only been a few months since the invasion. Aliens had killed a lot of humans, others were jus…

Published 14 days ago.

My Little Corner of the Universe

She lay on her new planet. How wonderful it was to have her own planet, as she'd always deserved. Re…

Published 15 days ago.

Coffee Shop

"Morning, Aralis!" The blonde girl bounced into the shop, effortlessly slipping behind the counter a…

Published 15 days ago.


I never knew what happened to them. I never remembered it when it happened. Sometimes I didn't even …

Published 15 days ago.

Gone With The Tide

I sat alone on the beach, skipping stones into the inky black water. The sun had long since gone, le…

Published 16 days ago.


She'd never seen Elora that upset before. Never worn one of the necklaces? She wasn't really much of…

Published 16 days ago.


Aidra played gently with the necklace she was wearing. A beautiful, raspberry-colored gem made up mo…

Published 16 days ago.

Nightly Routine

"What a pain." She pulled the scythe back out. Not a drop of blood on it, and not a mark left on his…

Published 17 days ago.


Eris stepped out of the dank cavern and into the cool night air. A gentle breeze blew past, carrying…

Published 17 days ago.


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