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I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

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I couldn't comment, so I made a sequel.

Well, I know the site has been having some issues. I may be able to try poking the person who manage…

Published 8 months ago.

The Morning Before

Rita dragged herself out of bed, and staggered into the bathroom. She splashed some water on her fac…

Published 9 months ago.


When we unwrapped the bundle, we found an old relic with a bright orange gem set in it.


Published 10 months ago.


It was peaceful, when we were together. Just the two of us. No one to harm us. No one to separate us…

Published 10 months ago.


When they threatened us, we ran. I was good at running. You tend to pick it up, when you've often ha…

Published 10 months ago.


She came to me when I was alone.

I'm not even sure what I did wrong. My father was always reprimand…

Published 10 months ago.



It was such a terrible feeling. It threatened to eat you from the inside out, to consume eve…

Published 10 months ago.

Alone Together

Apparently, the principal had told Lumen to find Toria, she learned later. Lumen was more than happy…

Published 2 years ago.

Not a Whisper

Toria walked into the classroom and sat down at her desk with her usual grace. No one so much as gla…

Published 2 years ago.

Floral Embrace

Fiore grabbed her sword's hilt and started silently pulling it from the sheath. She just needed to g…

Published 2 years ago.


Trilla took a step back. What.. what had she just...? Her hands were shaking, her legs were threaten…

Published 2 years ago.

Over and Over Again

Lorelis woke up with a start. Ugh, not again. That same dream again.

She rubbed her head before get…

Published 2 years ago.

Finders Keepers

"Give back my magic!" Ruta called. She forced herself to get up.

"Oh, no. I won't. I'd much rather k…

Published 3 years ago.

Stolen Treasure

She was one of those monster people Ruta had heard of. She'd never actually seen one. She prepared a…

Published 3 years ago.

All That Glitters

Ruta stepped through the portal and onto one of the scattered little islands. Her golden hair, cloth…

Published 3 years ago.


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