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Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

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A New Beginning

"L-- Lori said--"

Layla sighed. "She was wrong. There is at least one known survior. I can only hel…

Published 3 years ago.

Breaking the Cycle

Layla marched through the snow, creating deep footprints. She despised this girl. Or-- she did. Ev…

Published 3 years ago.


There's no experience quite like it.

The rush of being free...


She'd done it. She'd actually…

Published 3 years ago.

No Control

Gods she hated this. "G--" she struggled to get a word out. Forced to watch, to act, never to speak.…

Published 3 years ago.


She sighed. Exhausted. Exasperated. Emotionally drained. More than a little demoralized.

And yet. A…

Published 3 years ago.


"You're afraid of me."

"Afraid? Afraid? No, I'm not afraid of you. I pity you. Pity that you sold t…

Published 3 years ago.


Her family. Her friends. The reasons she hadn't given up yet. They'd all be hurt if she didn't succe…

Published 3 years ago.

Moving On

"Hero. Hope for us all."

Funny. She didn't feel much like one anymore. Nor did she have any hope fo…

Published 3 years ago.


"I guess your bounty wouldn't be so high if you were easy to catch." A fiery arrow erupted from her …

Published 3 years ago.

Opposing Harmony

"How many died?" The lighter one asked the other.

"Too many, nearly all. How many escaped?" She rep…

Published 3 years ago.


A yearning pit of doom. This place felt like death. Empty. Desolate. Yes, someone or something had k…

Published 3 years ago.

Lifeless World

A lifeless void. This place was had no life to be seen. None she could feel. All that remained of it…

Published 3 years ago.


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