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Cassie's Soothsayer

This is a lot simpler than it feels. Now that your emotions are well vented, let's set them aside an…

Published 5 years ago.


I didn't want the job. It was foisted upon me and like someone who gets tossed a grenade, I caught i…

Published 5 years ago.


My words made me a puppet in your eyes

And though I cannot say as much

The truth is not as such

It c…

Published 5 years ago.

The Glow

They'll hear

The pounding heart inside

My chest

Always beating

Never rest

And my breathing

Hoarse a…

Published 5 years ago.

The Hearth of Harm

Candle scent and fire warms

Blankets soft and cheerful talk

Sweetened words and loving arms

Safe ind…

Published 5 years ago.

Lingering Pain

I can't stop feeling her face.

Not seeing, feeling. We were so close so often that the shape of her …

Published 5 years ago.

Human Factory

I want to stop feeling.

As much as I have become aware that humans are not machines, that there is a…

Published 5 years ago.

Despicable Me

There is a kind of self loathing that exists beyond the burn of violent hatred and far from spineles…

Published 5 years ago.

Decussation of the Soul

Old walls, sunk deep into the earth, slick with moisture and trimmed in dripping weblike vines, rose…

Published 5 years ago.

Asbriong 11

Boots first, Hable inched down toward the hatch, keeping his legs wrapped in a firm grip around the …

Published 5 years ago.

Asbriong 10

His heart stopped. Both Ambiter and Decceter were emblazoned at a crazy angle upon his mind in the s…

Published 5 years ago.

Asbriong 9

"Haul up!" Hable ordered. The man at the column obeyed instantly.

"What in gods name are you doing?"…

Published 5 years ago.

Asbriong 8

The cabin really began to shake. Several of the crew shouted in alarm. Hable slacked his jaw to keep…

Published 5 years ago.

The Accused

I changed in the years of my exile, and though no one in the streets recognized me beneath the beard…

Published 5 years ago.

The Black Hand

The wastes are not empty. They are bleak, harsh, even dangerous, but people make a living out here. …

Published 5 years ago.


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