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Red eyes

Rusted fur

Imperfect rhymes

But full of words

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The Pebble Creek House

I knew no matter how I dressed I would find a way to regret it, so I chose comfort, since that was t…

Published 4 days ago.


Lightning flashed like teeth biting into the stone walls. Athel's sandals slapped ungraciously as he…

Published 8 days ago.


The self of past was turbulent, confused

The self of present is less than enthused

The self of futur…

Published 2 months ago.


Depressing the dull brass handle with a thumb, it gives a satisfying click and the heavy red door pu…

Published 1 year ago.


You come home and find me sitting here

And ask how my day is going

Acting as though I have open ears…

Published 1 year ago.

The Search

My snow is grey and never white

It glows and slowly drifts from sight

I watch it fall and breathe th…

Published 1 year ago.


Yellow: the safety, a thing I can touch

White: it will burn, but not yet, as such

Orange: and glowin…

Published 1 year ago.


Rock back and forth

Upon the front porch

I find myself here once again

I'm grinding my teeth

This s…

Published 1 year ago.

Bright Star

All of our moments captured in song

All that we were has now become wrong

I will remember and we wil…

Published 1 year ago.


A wolf I will claim

yet a dog I became

there was no other way to describe

I did all that you said


Published 1 year ago.

Now I Truly See

When all other allies

Abandon my cause

I practice my howling

And sharpen my claws

With tears hidden …

Published 2 years ago.

Destined to Disappear

"I am Togua, true leader of Avorhelis, and with this authority I banish Tyris from this city. His se…

Published 2 years ago.


I remember the grey light. I pulled her close to me in the aftermath of our lovemaking. It was then …

Published 2 years ago.

No Going Back

I do believe the time for hope has passed

Desire she may to hear its lost refrain

Our friendship lik…

Published 2 years ago.

The Dangers of Simplicity

"That's a powerful spell."

"I'm sure it will come off with a bit of scrubbing," Sadie answered.


Published 2 years ago.


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