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Writer with a passion for high-fantasy and sci-fi.

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The walls never change. A sterile, indifferent white; not comforting, yet not hostile either. Comple…

Published 7 years ago.


The rain trickles lightly down your umbrella

Your steps in perfect sync with the beats of my heart


Published 7 years ago.

Up Above

Up above, an entirely different scene was raging. Corpses littered the boggy earth; figures almost u…

Published 7 years ago.

A Request

If there is a God above

If there’s a being filled with love

If there’s a master of my fate

If there’…

Published 7 years ago.


He gazes up from his desk

At the pencil-slanted rain

A myriad little stories

Creeping down his windo…

Published 7 years ago.

Prison Cell

The lantern swung indolently from its fixture, casting skulking shadows around the stone cell. The o…

Published 7 years ago.

The Wall

I walk in its shade, its shadow. The sun cowers meekly behind the imposing monolith, a testament to …

Published 8 years ago.

Death, She Wrote

Oswald hated cases like this. Common break-ins, unstable shoot-em ups in the living room; panic kill…

Published 8 years ago.


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