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I am my own OC. I will keep track of my life. These may be news, or they may be venting. I need somewhere to write the truth of my heart. Probably it won't interest you.

Some of it will be fictional. I'm my own write-in OC.

I'm somewhat troubled...

if by somewhat I mean massively.

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007, shaken not stirred (part one of possibly more, in time)

Well, I was very anxious today, all day, ever since about this time last night, which is 10:30 PM. I…

Published 5 years ago.


I'm abroad with my family on a trip I never wanted to take, on a "vacation." We spend all day in the…

Published 5 years ago.

The Kindly Earth

The kindly earth prepares a home for me

A pleasant home, so soft, with fragrant air!

I nurtured plan…

Published 6 years ago.


Well hi there.

I was feeling panicked a few days ago, then gathered my strength, then did something …

Published 6 years ago.


I was pretty brave yesterday...meaning, scared, but I took some action.

I set my limits up on my blo…

Published 6 years ago.

Pyramidal Pressure

I'm poised at the "block" section of my blog and

the anticipation, the fear, the hesitation


Published 6 years ago.

That Pleasant Crunch

You've taken it into your mouth

It's held tight between your teeth

Your tongue can sense it there so…

Published 6 years ago.


Today I tried to make a fresh start. It's still morning now.

I gussied myself up, made nice smells, …

Published 6 years ago.

002 D

I have erred. I forgot something important, I just realized.

I knew one fact. I knew another fact. I…

Published 6 years ago.

002 C


I went off on a wild tangent and nobody's any the wiser.

At any rate, and believe me there's a…

Published 6 years ago.

Fealty and Melanomen Des Haute

Anyway so Finnegan was free and easy and out of my hair, I'm bald but I keep it in the sink, and so …

Published 6 years ago.

Lucky bloody you

Well turns out it wasn't no cop anyhow, it was my uncle bloff and he just wanted me to sign the chri…

Published 6 years ago.

It was all so groovy, dig?

And pretty soon I, being a suave sort of kid, I said to the chick, I said, those aren't badgers, and…

Published 6 years ago.

Sporadic Extemporanea Soporific Wombat Sorcery

Like, there I was, see? And the gal was like hey babe, come up to the …

Published 6 years ago.

002 B

I'm feeling better today, I'm not logged in at that other blogging site that causes me all my joy an…

Published 6 years ago.


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