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Do you recognize me?

Yes, I changed my hair.

Yes, these clothes are different.

My confidence is showing,

I wear no mask these days.

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The Mask

Remember that mask?

Maybe you started wearing it for protection.

You wanted to fit in.

You were afra…

Published 4 months ago.


I had a dream

Of a familiar face.

An acquaintance? A friend?

I searched for what I knew.

The face ga…

Published 10 months ago.

Growing Up


Standing alone.

Surrounded by people,

A familiar feeling.

Not supposed to feel alone,

Not suppo…

Published 11 months ago.

Run it All Away

Anxiety cripples

Even the strongest brain.

Anxiety says “go back in the house.

You are never going t…

Published 11 months ago.

Your Eyes

I am a bottle of chaos.

All shook up from life.

The day to day,

Just adding more to the mixture.


Published 11 months ago.


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