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Fractal Realities: January

He gently shook his canteen and judged that the water might last until perhaps sundown. If he didn't…

Published 10 hours ago.

Fractal Realities: The Arena

As the finely honed edge of his opponent's weapon sliced the air where his head had been a mere frac…

Published 6 days ago.

Fractal Realities: Slaughterhouse Eight

He absolutely hated this job. No matter how loud he turned his music up, the sound of metal on meta…

Published 14 days ago.

Fractal Realities: Relief from the Tedium

Social situations were fraught with problems that invariably led to people getting hurt and so Bob w…

Published 15 days ago.

Fractal Realities: The Juggler

He hefted the axe, testing its balance. The razor sharp edges of the bronze blades glittered in the …

Published 16 days ago.

Your Worst Nightmare

He squirmed and screamed but he wasn't going anywhere. My left arm was securely locked around his up…

Published 28 days ago.

A Ton of Bricks

Today, I was hit with a ton of bricks. Killed me outright... stone dead.

I never even saw it coming…

Published 1 month ago.


I watched you burn.

I watched as your multi-hued plumage singed and reduced to grey, dead ash.

I w…

Published 1 month ago.

August 3, 1492

I stand on the gently rocking deck, facing the east. The clear sky is still dark but beginning to br…

Published 1 year ago.

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