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The Other Side of the Looking Glass

He is already there when she arrives, waiting for her on the other side of the glass, holding a red,…

Published 23 hours ago.

The Wrong Season for Frogs

There aren't many frogs out and about now, being late autumn and all. By this point, most have alrea…

Published 5 days ago.

The Story

There are no sensory nerves in your brain; you cannot see, feel, smell, hear, or taste anything that…

Published 13 days ago.

Lost Things: Snare

It wasn't funny anymore. The first few times, maybe, but it had been several hours now and there was…

Published 1 month ago.

Lost Things: Pandora

The elevator doors opened. Pandora stepped onto the 52nd floor of the Pouthena Building. Pulling her…

Published 1 month ago.

Lost Things: Case 39

"What has been lost can be found at Building Grachkin, Floor 60, Row 95, Shelf 7, Case 39 between 9:…

Published 2 months ago.

Fractal Realities: Revision

He was tired. He'd read the same sentence four times and he was still stumbling across the words li…

Published 5 months ago.

Fractal Realities: Point of Inflection

In mathematics, a point of inflection is a point on a curve where the concavity of the curve changes…

Published 8 months ago.

Fractal Realities: Pride

Roger had been in the cradle of the marula tree's branches for three days.

Those three days hadn'…

Published 9 months ago.

Fractal Realities: Wait... Listen...

You can hear it in the still of the night if you're quiet and calm. Wait until the crickets and owls…

Published 9 months ago.

Fractal Realities: Meditation

Meditation didn't come naturally to him. Far too often, unwanted sensations and thoughts invaded his…

Published 11 months ago.

Fractal Realities: The Winner

He sat in his car, parked in front of a small white house in Podunk, Florida. He had never been here…

Published 1 year ago.

Fractal Realities: Maiden Voyage

Richard stood at the stern of the ship, looking longingly back toward England. He had really hoped t…

Published 1 year ago.

Fractal Realities: Again

How does this story start? It starts with the thought that my stories rarely lie down in the page in…

Published 1 year ago.

Fractal Realities: Reflections

I keep only one mirror in the house and I'm not entirely sure why. I should have destroyed it when I…

Published 1 year ago.

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