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a warm waterproof hip-length jacket usually with a hood, originally worn in polar regions, but now worn for any outdoor activity


(informal, derogatory) a socially inept person with a hobby considered by most people to be boring

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? awakes to inky blackness and silence until a voice calls out from some indefinable distance.


Published 7 days ago.

The Curious History of Wayfare, Alaska

The story first appeared in an issue of National Geographic. It chronicled a journey taken in the 1…

Published 10 days ago.

The Seanchaidhe

The old man sits at the bar in Connoly’s Pub. In one hand he holds a pint while the other gesticula…

Published 23 days ago.

The Room

“What do you see?” the doctor said.

“It’s dark.”

The girl sat in the corner of the room, knees pul…

Published 1 month ago.

The Encore

Jewel sat astride her palomino horse, clutching the urn full of her husband Kimbel’s ashes. It had …

Published 1 month ago.

Greenbriar RFD

The town of Greenbriar sits about thirty miles north of nowhere. Founded in the mid 1800s, the town…

Published 1 month ago.

Freaks Like Us

The knock came just after midnight. I’d been laying in bed listening to this old 80s band called th…

Published 1 month ago.


Everyone cried when they heard about Mary. Girls who hated her before the shooting blubbered like t…

Published 1 month ago.

Honey Creek

A few weeks before graduation I skipped school with my buddy Jordan.

We were hanging out under the…

Published 1 month ago.

The Operating Theatre

The doctor stood at the center of the Operating Theatre, examining his surgical instruments. Beside…

Published 5 months ago.

The Camp

Ada stood on the surface of the moon and stared back at her home planet. Perimeter drones circled o…

Published 5 months ago.

The Raid

They came at night, as cowards always do.

The raid followed the typical pattern. The Advance Guar…

Published 5 months ago.

The Rocking Chair

People think that all ghosts are bad, but they are wrong.

Growing up, I lived in an apartment next …

Published 5 months ago.

Last House on the Block

I dressed as a vampire that Halloween, wearing plastic fangs that ripped at my gums and white grease…

Published 5 months ago.

It Came From the Produce Aisle

Mother screamed as an angry cantaloupe chased her through the produce section of Walter’s Grocery St…

Published 5 months ago.


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