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This is "slapdashmonuments" creating a new Ficlatte account for the purpose of trying to write some Choose Your Own Adventure stories using Ficlatte's sequeling features. I'll tag work-in-progress parts WIP until the whole story is ready to play.

The first full story, "Burning Questions," is available now:

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Burning Questions: Side Hallway

You move nervously away from the stairwell, keeping your eyes and ears open. The hallway seems to be…

Published 4 years ago.

Burning Questions: The Stairwell

There's a side hallway ahead and to the right, leading to classrooms.

There's a set of stairs o…

Published 4 years ago.

Hit the window with your fist

You strike the window with your hand, but the only effects are a dull noise and a pain in your hand.…

Published 4 years ago.

Burning Questions: The left side of the hallway

You walk up to the large picture window. You can see the big clock from here. The time reads 11:45. …

Published 4 years ago.

The Hallway

This hallway stretches out on the left and right.

On the left side, the hallway ends soon with a …

Published 4 years ago.

Run to the second floor

You reach the landing for the second floor. The fire is building up higher. If you stay here, it'll …

Published 4 years ago.

Run to the main stairs

When you get to the main stairs, you see a cloud of black smoke rising before you. Moving cautiously…

Published 4 years ago.

Burning Questions: Run to the elevator and press the down button

You wait, but there are no lights. The elevator doesn't seem to be working, and you can't stand to w…

Published 4 years ago.

TRAILHEAD: Burning Questions (sample CYOA story)

You have been asleep. But you're not in your bed. You don't even remember going to sleep. You feel l…

Published 4 years ago.

TRAILHEAD 1: Martin's Window

Thunder crashed again. Martin looked up from his laptop, but could see little beyond the glow of his…

Published 4 years ago.

More about my thoughts for AdventuresAndSearches

I think what I might do is leave stories in draft form until the story is ready to go, and then just…

Published 4 years ago.

AdventuresAndSearches: This Account's Premise

I'm going to use this account for 'choose your own adventure' ventures; I think that it will be an e…

Published 4 years ago.


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